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"When the cold wind blows, what do you think about?"

After the harsh winter, plum blossoms bloom. In Chinese society, plum blossoms symbolize resilience, serving as a spiritual symbol of indomitable spirit. In the extreme cold, plum blossoms thrive against the wind, showcasing the power and resilience of life, inspiring us to bravely face adversity and stay true to ourselves.

Plum blossoms also represent hope, with their blooming heralding the arrival of spring. They are a sign of a brighter future, symbolizing new beginnings. Even in difficult times, plum blossoms remind us to maintain faith and believe that good things are on their way. Throughout history, artists at Tao Fong Shan have drawn inspiration from plum blossom motifs, creating exquisite vessels, paintings, and decorations. These works embody elegance and tranquility, reminding us to persevere in our daily lives and pursue a beautiful existence while revering life itself.

Whenever the cold wind blows, let us together seek the resilience and hope of the plum blossom, embracing a vision of a better future and welcoming the spring in our lives.


Diameter: 18cm



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